Disruption and change. Something that makes managers sphincters twitch and 9-5 IT staff groan that more work is coming. You know what? Deal with it. Why am I being a cocky and high-horse like? Well, I’ve had a dose of vision and I am making some noise. Plus it makes sense!

Disruptive IT changes are not only coming but are here. BigSwitch announced their SDN offering. The Packet pushers don’t talk about something regular for a year because it is a fad. Whether you like it or not, it is time to peel down your cubes wall. Time to look beyond your bubble and look at the large-scale. The mindset of “How will this help ME?” is wrong. You need to think :”how will this help  us as an Industry?” We currently have IANA registrars who have run out of IPv4 addresses. The migration to IPv6 has been happening since I was in primary school yet people are now realising they cannot hide behind the cosiness of IPv4 and NAT. Yet it seems we are doing a last-minute, knee-jerk, fear driven migration. Why? Many have thrown their heads into the sand because it is too hard, we can’t afford downtime, or simply are too ignorant. SDN is another example of this. The fact that flow-based networking based on source as well as destination changes the game. The fact that SDN is defined as one and many things gives people the ability to hide behind the ” too much information” wall again.

Show 124 of the Packet Pushers podcast is responsible for this post. Go listen now! 

Change is big. Change is disruptive. Change is also necessary but Blind ignorance is just plain dangerous. Get the facts. Read, learn, talk, discuss, chat, explore, look to apply. Fantastic technology is coming and all verticals need to open their eyes and get on board.



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