Hello friends

It’s been a while. I moved roles in 2016 into a field engineering role. I adore this role. It’s a great mix of hands on, creating, and implementing
. I feel my skills now are the best they’ve ever been. With all good things that happen there can be some trade offs. These trade offs have been this place. Even since there I noticed my content wax and wane. Heck, I’ve not posted anything in nearly 10 months.

With the amount of stuff I was working on that was either newly minted or behind the scenes the issues and problems I could talk or blog about disappeared quickly. I found it a little tougher to blog in addition to technologies I was working on.

So – whilst nothing on the work front has change and I mostly work on .next things, I want to start sharing (where I can) more details on things I’ve been working on. You’ll see content soon on NSX-T and K8s, PKS, NSX-T in general, along with more content in general. I know these are famous last words but here we go.


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