Last week was my first large US vendor conference. VMworld was chocked full over people wanted to know about all things applications, automation, infrastructure, and IT. After an overwhelming experience on the vendor floor (I am introverted) I took cover in the hallways and foyers of the event. The main reason of being at VMworld 2016 for me was presenting with the author of PowerNSX, Nick Bradford.

Our session, NET7514 – PowerNSX and PyNSXv: Using PowerShell and Python for Automation and Management of VMware NSX for vSphere, was fully booked. The speaker and session staff scheduled a session repeat. This was a great start and it played out that our repeat session occurred before the original session funnily enough.

The session covered:

  • PowerNSX
  • Introducing PowerNSX
  • PowerShell Pipeline
  • PowerNSX/PowerCLI working together
  • 3 Tier app deployment (Live demo)
  • Automatic diagramming in Visio
  • PyNSXv
  • Introducing PyNSXv
  • Library vs CLI
  • How to use it
  • Validting the 3 Tier app deployment (Live demo)
  • Modifying and creating NSX Load balancing (Live demo)
  • Question time

The session NET7514 and NET7514R was amongst some of the top rated session of VMworld (4.73 and 5.0 ratings). For that we are both flattered and pretty chuffed. Thank you to the attendees who filled out the survey details and provided feedback. We both were floored at the honest and genuine responses. If you’re interested check it out here

If you were not able to get to VMworld 2016 there are many ways to get us to present in a friendly location. For example, have a chat to your local VMUG leader. Request us to be at the next VMware User Conference in your region.

Banish tedious tasks and operations and automate with PowerNSX! Automate all the NSX things!

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