Shoutout to William Lam who reversed engineered the VMworld streaming site to find the download links. This simple loop will traverse every URL in the file and download the MP4.

Disclaimer: I am terrible at code. There is probably someone who knows how to take the session ID [NET7154] and append it to the file name. That is not me.

This is the loop.

for URL in `cat vmworld_prepared.txt`; do echo $URL; curl -O $1 "$URL" | awk {'print $2'}; done 

I trimmed the content of William’s GitHub post with this.

cat vmworld.txt | tr -d '()' > vmworld_edit.txt
sed -e 's/\[[^][]*\]//g' vmworld_edit.txt > vmworld_final.txt
cat | ? {$_.trim() -ne ""} set-content vmworld_prepared.txt

Which gives me the content in the below code box. Save the content of the code box below into a txt file called vmworld_prepared.txt. This is what the previous loop references. Once you start it the downloads being. All 200GB! Cull the ones you don’t want.


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