This page seeks to cultivate NSX resources from around the web to give you all the information you need with my commentary on the links. Stay tuned for updates and more links as NSX is adopted.

Main Resource page

VMware NSX Resources

This is the official page for VMware NSX resources. This page is linked here due to the different service gateways, virtual security solutions and other technologies that can be integrated with NSX. The Juniper SRX is an exciting inclusion as is Cumulus networks. Palo Alto Networks firewall and others round off a pretty impressive launch portfolio.

VMware NSX 6.0 Administration and Install guides

Here are the publicly listed VMware administration and installation guides for VMware NSX for vSphere. These documents server as a good primer for understanding installation and day to day administrator of the NSX for vSphere product. These are worth reading through whilst they are online.

What is NSX?

VMware NSX Architecture by IPspace

This series, sponsored by VMware, is presented by the venerable Ivan Pepelnjak and VMware’s Brad Hedlund. This series starts off by looking at traditional problems faced by large-scale networks and the steps taken thus far to attempt to virtualize the network. It then evolves into an introduction and deep dive into NSX. This series is a must watch as are other pieces of work by Ivan.

VMware NSX walkthrough

This link takes readers through a step by step product walkthrough of VMware NSX. It highlights the focus of NSX-v and looks at the various services such as Distributed Firewall, Distributed Logical Routing, Logical Load Balancing and Logical switching. It also takes a moment to look at third party integrations like Symantec IPS and Palo Alto Networks firewall which leverages the NetX plugin.


VMware NSX Network Virtualization Design Guide PDF

The VMware NSX design guide looks at common deployment scenarios and explores the from the ground up the requirements and considerations in a VMWare NSX deployment. I did a write up here about this when it was released and since then there has been additional content added surrounding spine and leaf switch configurations. There is also sections on QoS, DMZ designs and L3 edge services offered by VMware NSX.

VMware NSX leveraging Nexus 7000 and Cisco UCS infrastructure

This new design guide looks at NSX running over the top of existing Cisco Infrastructure. Cisco Nexus and UCS are a mainstay of many data centers and this design document highlights the easy of which NSX can run over the top. Packed full of UCS and Nexus tips and tricks this guide is worth a read.

Next Generation Security with VMware NSX and Palo Alto Security VM-series

Our Net-X API provides partner integration into NSX. The network fabric which we deliver with VMware NSX can be further expanded to partners such as Palo Alto. Their VM-series user-space firewall specialising in integrating into existing PAN deployments and Layer 7 advanced application filtering.

VMware and Arista Network Virtualization Reference Design Guide for VMware vSphere Environments

VMware have published an Arista paper. This shows off network topologies that leverage Arista infrastructure that have integration with VMware NSX. It shows off VTEP integration with hardware offload on the TOR and more. Worth a read if you are looking at alternatives or have alternatives to the current incumbent.

VMware Architectural reference document

This is a shameless self promotion. This document was built from the publicly available information surrounding NSX to give an idea to readers where NSX fits into the ecosystem. More importantly it shows how NSX and other pieces in the ecosystem communicate to each other.

VMware Architecture reference document by Hany

Hany is a EMEA SE for VMware who creates some superb VMware reference architecture documents.  This one outlines most the moving parts in VMware NSX-v It is worth having a look at his work for all facets of the VMware Ecosystem.


Official Blog – The Network Virtualization blog

This blog is the VMware official blog featuring posts from greats such as Brad Hedlund and Bruce Davie and soon yours truly. There are posts that deep dive not only into NSX but network virtualization as a whole, predictions in the industry and commentary on how SDN and NFV can provide solutions to many problems. Surprisingly little bias for an official blog.

Brad Hedlund

Having come to VMware, by way of Cisco and Dell, Brad Hedlund seeks to enlighten the industry as a whole in the benefits of network virtualization. As a technologist Brad seeks to explore benefits and gains businesses can make using NFV and SDN solutions and seeks to empower the engineer once more to actually engineer.

Packetpushers Podcast Episode 161 – VMware NSX

This show is a FANTASTIC resource if you’re looking to grasp the concept around network virtualisation. Featuring Engineering Architects Scott Lowe and Brad Hedlund from the Office of the CTO at VMWare, this podcast is sure to excite. Greg Ferro and Ethan Banks host the Packetpushers Podcast and keep it the boys on their toes.


HOL-SDC-1303 – VMware NSX Network Virtualization Platform

VMware offer their Hands on Labs to give administrators a chance to see NSX live in action. These labs go through configuration and installation of NSX. These are well worth doing to get an understanding of what value NSX can deliver for you.

Reference Papers

Packetpushers Podcast Topologies

This document takes a look at the traditional application topologies and challenges faced by traditional networks architectures and compares them to networks that take advantage of VMware NSX. This document is stepped through with the Packetpushers podcast Show 161 with Brad Hedlund and Scott Lowe. It is great to use this when getting your head adjusted to a logical world.

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