Note This is the first of a few posts on Cisco. My #NFD4 posts will be in any order at all. Disclaimer about my #NFD4 posts

Well this ports automatic, it’s super-static, it’s electro-matic,
Why it’s Cisco’s UPoE lightnin’

We’ll power video phones and borderless comms, oh yeah,
Keep talkin’ , whoah keep talkin’
Over 9000 watts and BTU blow off , oh yeah
I’ll get the bill, I’ll see you get the bill,
Thin clients on the floor, you got them banging at the door,
You know it ain’t shit when there is less copper in the pits,
Cisco Lightning

Go, Cisco Lightnin’, You’re burning up the ol’ coal mine,
Cisco Lightnin’ , go Cisco lightnin’
Go, Cisco Lightnin’, you’re overpowering the end user device
Cisco Lightnin’ , go Cisco lightnin
Your voltage supreme,  my upper management creams, for Cisco lightnin’
We’ll get some big beefy chassis and new line-cards, oh yeah

A new power grid and dual Power Supplies, oh yeah
Ports now getting over 60 watts, I am finally getting it off
You know that I ain’t braggin’, Magic Quadrants – Cisco lightnin’

Here Nikhil Sharma (I believe this is correct) presents to us his UPoE and what it can do. I was very impressed at the thought of thin client desktop + voice phone powered off one run. It works with existing cable infrastructure. I have a valid use case for UPoE moving forward and I hope to share some real world deployment soon. Great stuff Cisco!


2 thoughts on “UPoE Lightning

    1. My pleasure. Thanks for delivering such a great presentation. I really enjoyed it. Having not been to Cisco Live, I’ve missed getting on board with quite a few new technologies and found what you and the borderless team delivered to be great.

      I had planned on doing uPOE lightning video/animation but finding is the time hard!

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