Automating NSX for vSphere with PowerNSX

I’d like to announce today an upcoming VMware Press book titled Automating NSX for vSphere with PowerNSX. In collaboration with Nick Bradford and Dale Coghlan, it will be a free book published by VMware and the NSBU. It focuses on PowerNSX and getting started with it. Have a look at the mockup cover below:


This book serves as a primer for those looking to automate NSX for vSphere with PowerNSX. Whilst it is not a complete and exhaustive reference of every PowerNSX cmdlet it does include more than enough to start using PowerNSX.

Clocking in at around 95 pages and 24,000 words this book covers off the following areas:

  • Tools and Cloud Management Platforms
  • About PowerNSX
  • Getting Started with PowerNSX
  • Connecting with PowerNSX
  • Logical Switching
  • Distributed Routing
  • Edge Services Gateway
  • NSX Edge Load Balancing
  • Distributed Firewall and Objects
  • Cross venter and PowerNSX
  • Administrative Operations
  • Tools built with PowerNSX
  • Using PowerNSX to interact directly with the NSX API

As you can see it covers off most of what PowerNSX can do.

Along with numerous examples it also has an overarching Progressive Example. This Progressive Example builds as the book goes a long so readers can follow along and build the same environment.

I look forward to sharing more details when it comes to print. The manuscript is with the type-setter now. It will first be available in print for free at VMworld US and EMEA this year. It will also be available as a free download as a PDF like Micro-segmentating VMware NSX by Wade Holmes.

I hope to be able to send copies to most VMware offices globally so get in touch with your local VMware team or check back for a link to download it.

2 thoughts on “Upcoming Book: Automating NSX for vSphere with PowerNSX

  1. Anthony, is there any Link available to download the book? The ones published by VMware blog are not valid (page not found).

    Thanks in advance

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