Single Purpose applications

Look at how applications are developed these days. Single use or single purpose applications. Twitter, Facebook, Calculator, Reminders, and Email. Just some examples of applications from an application catalog that are single purpose. They are gateways for a function. In this world we have choice and diversity on how we perform all functions of our world. How we interact is critical to a functions success.

This single applications whilst stand alone have elements of unity. Interactions between each other through API calls and contractual relationships. File sharing, link sharing, mirrored services. The ability to have applications talk to one another helps establish an ecosystem of isolated containers. Think bridges between pontoons. Or Bora Bora!

A bad UX is very damaging

A bad user experience will tarnish an application or product no matter how revolutionary, game-changing or insert marketing buzzword here it is. It may have all the bells and whistles and do all the things but quite frankly will be dropped. What it will be dropped for is something that does far less but is easier to use. That is not because we humans are simple, lazy or don’t want to learn things. A simple UX or UI can make complicated and/or convoluted tasks easier to approach.

So, quite simply put – if your user design and experience is poor, convoluted or not conducive to human interaction then it will simply be discarded for something better. The way your application or product is consumed and used is very important.

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