Forward As I mentioned last  earlier, I have been asked about being apart of the Thwack Ambassador program and my first post went up. I am linking to it now for my readers who follow my blog and may not be aware of the post. This post is covered by my disclaimer.

Changes is ever evolving. It is consistent  What I have noticed with IT is the pace of change. We go through periods of explosive and rampant growth. At other times we slow down to a crawl yet one thing remains the same. It never stops.

When MPLS first came onto the scene back when I was in primary and high school. It was the darling of the SP scene and as it matured and was widely adopted it was pushed and molded as we saw fit. Over the last five years we have witnessed the strong push away from racks of metal to consolidating work loads and getting hardware to do more. Virtualisation has come around again, like the mainframe days of old, to allow rapid agility, abstraction, and mobility. These two examples can really highlight the shift we have seen over this period of time.

Firewalls themselves have benefited from many advances. From stateful inspection, deep packet inspection, application integration, virtualisation, and more recently, platform liberation. These changes in this platform alone have reworked how we perform security functions. So what is the point of all this?

The ability to gain insight into your devices gives you an intimate understanding of your work you do, workflows, and what could be better. The placement of virtual firewalls, the ability to monitor rule creep, and consistent learning from auditing allow the absorption of the aforementioned insight. With software defined networking materializing and automation on the tips of the CTO’s lips, it is time to pencil in the road map. If you can identify future learning from the information at your finger tips and you will go far.

Looking forward to the future and your career long term, can you identify something you’re using day to day which is transforming?

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