Today is a significant day. After much tossing and turning and discussions with my wife I have finally decided to start down the path of the CCIE Study. Those who follow my blog may know that I am not yet a CCNP ( I still have SWITCH to go) and that is fine. The reason I am waiting is financial. I am saving my pennies after a 0.9 percent miss on SWITCH back in may. I felt that continuing onwards will reinforce what I know and allow me to align study time to defined goals.

I am not taking this goal lightly. I understand the gravity of the task at hand. I have many good friends who are on the path, looking back on the path, and standing right beside me.

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16 thoughts on “Starting my CCIE Written (prematurely?)

  1. Mate, that’s awesome! I’ve watched you grow as an engineer over the past 12 months, and I think this is certainly within your grasp!

    Get to it!

  2. Good stuff. Just make sure you don’t rush it, and you try and maintain a life. Make sure you set aside time to spend with friends and family along the way. THe SWITCH exam should be easily picked up along the way

    1. Thanks Lindsay. I have planned on being thorough from the start as I am a firm believer of building a solid foundation. If I don’t, months of study will come undone and crumble.

      Picking the SWITCH exam up on the way was my plan.

  3. Good luck. I think the idea of getting the last piece of the CCNP puzzle along the way could be a good one. Looking forward to seeing your progress. My plan is to start once I get my CCNP Security, so you could possibly have your digits by the time I tread the path!

  4. Great news!! Best of luck and can’t wait to see the progress. I’m about to make that same announcement myself, if you want to partner up let me know.

    -mark ward-bopp

      1. Just working on my CCIE schedule as well… and these two links have to be the most concise and easy to understand on CCIE planning I’ve read.

        I think I’m going to go for my first attempt at the end of Jan 2013, hopefully passing on that or my second attempt before March.


        1. They are great links. I really have gained a lot from them. I have nearly built a physical lab for VOL1 at work. Sourced all of what is required just about. IOU helps for bits here and there.

          Lets keep in touch.

  5. Have you decided on INE or Ipexpert? Just curious if you’ve done a comparison. I’m at a point where I’ll start comparing them (and maybe others).

    1. Hey Paul,
      I have not yet decided which way to go yet I did see INE offer in the future a Nexus tablet with theirs. I am also looking to get a printed copy so I can create notes. I’ve worked hard on getting my lab together and now will re-focus on theory/labbing.

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