VMware Partner Exchange conference is on in Sydney, Australia this week. It is an event that provides update to local partners about what is happening within the VMware eco system. There are some pretty cool updates surrounding the technologies in the Software Defined Data Centre – vSAN, NSX and more.

Yours truly is presenting four sessions this Tuesday and Wednesday. Wednesday I am co-presenting all day with my solution architect Nick Bradford. We will alternate sessions and work together to deliver updates

Tuesday 1615
Technical Update for Service Providers

This presentation goes into detail about how the evolution seen in the Software Defined Data Centre is a great platform for delivering NFV. This allows the integration of legacy function into a service chain. I speak about partner integration into NSX and some use cases.

Wednesday 1400-1700
NSX for vSphere technical introduction

This presentation seeks to introduce NSX and its role in the Software Defined Data Center. Going through core components, such as Logical Switching, Routing, distributed firewall and more, tying it all together and looking at high level use cases, viewers will leave the presentation knowing how VMware NSX for vSphere will work in their environment.

NSX for vSphere demonstration and NSX with vCAC

This presentation, co-presented with Nick Bradford, will demonstrate the building of a 3 Tier application, routing, switching and distributed firewalls to show of the power of NSX. The application template can then be easily ported into a CMP such as vCAC that will allow repeatable deployments of three-tier apps, slashing the overhead of networks that traditionally inhibited deployments, allowing network function to deploy at the same velocity as x86.

NSX for vSphere Use Cases and Design considerations

This presentation looks to follow on from the previous that focuses on design considerations. It looks at vSphere design, physical underlay considerations and NSX design considerations.

I will upload my slides after presenting.

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