I have spoken quite a bit about VMware NSX over the last couple of weeks. There were still quite a few unknowns amongst the twitterati and the community at large around designs. Today this has been solved with the release of the VMware NSX design document. It is important to note that there are many players in the overlay market and it good to piece together how each solution works. VMware’s NSX, Nuage Networks’ NVP, Juniper’s Contrail and Cisco’s ACI all have their market and will carve some market share.

There are some interesting aspects to this document. VMware cover off best practice in dealing with NSX in the data centre and the paradigm shift it propels into data centres. As both a networker and a sysadmin it is worth a read. One section I think bears further investigation by VMware and anyone looking at the design document is the underlay. The physical leaf and spine topology created by the underlay to support NSX should be robust, fast, and have a lower oversubscription. Whilst this document highlights this and points further reading to the hardware vendor it would be wise of VMware to provide some more education in this area. After all this is an overlay technology and is only as strong as the ground floor!

Enjoy and let me know what you think. Click here to read the VMware NSX design document.


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