I thought I would recap on some of the key numbers my blog saw this year. This year was a huge year for Cisco Inferno. I broke new records consistently and traffic to my little blog has soared.

The numbers this year alone were large for me.

  • 2013 saw an increase of three times the annual impressions of 2012. Cisco Inferno had around 180,000 visitors in 2013.
  • 2013 saw a new daily high of 1,243 on October 3rd.
  • Consequently this was also my best month with 21,125 views. This was due to the aftermath of Tech Field Day and announcements and subsequent coverage of some Juniper launches.

I would like to sincerely thank my reader base on a stellar year. This blog started out as an idle place to collect my thoughts and musings on what I did. It also helped me fight off professional loneliness working as a sole engineer. Never did I realise what it would become or what doors the blog would open for me. It is pretty mind-blowing to be a part of a reciprocal information community that shares information that way the network and virtualization community does.

For interest here are the top three posts of 2013. This garnered the most interest from Twitters and my reader base.

  1. GNS3 and Cisco ASA 8.4 (Part 1) with 37,533 views.
  2. GNS3 and Cisco ASA 8.4 (Part 2) with 11,170 views.
  3. Extended VLANs: Don’t get caught out. with 5,366 views.

It is very interesting that the ASA post still draw a big crowd. It definitely highlights the requirements of people wanting to validate and test firewall changes before doing them in production. I have come across many people emailing in about this topic – how I approach my tests and changes. I even wrote a series on Firewalls and how I approach them in their lifecycle. I suspect vendors could learn from the analytics and interests of blog readers. The top 10 posts had a mix of VMware NSX, Juniper’s MetaFabric and other firewall topics. It was an interesting mix.

It will be great to have you along next year as I align some of my blog posts with what I am working on in my new role with VMware. I hope to be informative as ever, deliver the same content with my writing style and bring to you the issues seen on the coal face with tips on how to solve them! Thanks for a bumper 2013 and I look forward to 2014! Happy new year!

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