Solarwinds provide a plethora of network and server management tools. They are a household name for network and server administrators. Their portfolio of software stretch from application monitoring, virtual machine management, to the ever handy IP Address management platform. All their ecosystem is supported by their community forum, Thwack.

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This community has a super heroes styled theme to it like Solarwinds uses for their products. It brings a fun theme to the boards. There is a variety of sub forums based on each product and general areas for discussion. The engagement of the community is quite higher consider the nature of the products.

The Thwack Ambassador program is something that is a pretty cool community concept. Solarwinds collect together some thought leaders within the industry and invite them to participate. This position asks of a participant to stimulate thought in an area of expertise. Designed to engage conversation and bring to the surface ideas that formulate amongst many people. I have lurked for a long time and read pieces by esteemed colleagues such as Mrs. Y, Jeremy Stretch, Ethan Banks, and Tom Hollingsworth.

I am lucky enough to be asked to be a Thwack Ambassador for the month of April. I am responsible for a discussion regarding Firewall Security Management. The topics I am looking to approach are Rule creep, Lose screws, Tightening screws, and Managing Firewall Rule bases. This may alter slightly at this stage. I want to discuss my thoughts and see how the out there do it.

So come join me over in the Firewall Security Management section of Thwack during March and hopefully you will pick up a few tricks along the way.


My disclaimer  shows my transparency when dealing with vendors. I like to maintain this to stay honest with myself, you the reader, and most importantly, keep myself from being a vendor shill. The contract I am entering to be apart of the Ambassador program is commercial in nature for the month of March. I am in no way forced to write to any bias with my only constraint being placed on subject matter (the topic), which I chose.  If you have any questions regarding this disclaimer, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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