Congratulations to SocketPlane. Lucky I am not a journalist because I am very slow to write about it! They were acquired by Docker last week. Brent Salisbury, friend and mentor, joined some very smart minds in Dave Tucker and Madhu Venugopal and started SocketPlane. Knowing how borked Docker networking is the team set out to fix this. The native Open vSwitch integration combined with Docker containers

To quote the announcement blog

“The majority of users want networking to just work, but just as importantly, integrate into their existing networks. Focusing on a “batteries included but swappable” approach, addresses a fair amount of well known simple deployments that developers care about. This enables opportunity for partners and ecosystem to address their customer use-cases.”

This is awesome stuff. For the container eco system and open networking as a whole. The product is sound, the team is smart and I am looking forward to see what comes out next.

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