The router-ID. (RID). Such a fundamental concept in so many regards. One of the more important parts of a routing protocol. I could almost argue that it is one of the easily forgotten things to configure. With routing protocols relying on their RID to keep a stable topology my mind drifted to planning and scoping addressing space.

Speaking with @networkjanitor today briefly we discussed this. His words are as always wise.

  • Divide up a /24 subnet.
  • Further divide these addresses into /32’s
  • Assign to a loopback interface.
  • Set OSPF network type as point-to-point.
  • Set passive-interface.

How do you ensure your topology is stable? Do you carve up a subnet and issue IP addresses to a loopback? Do you leave it up to chance and rely on your intimate knowledge of said network? Share your thoughts below about how you address RID’s to ensure a stable and easy to work with routing topology.

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