The Exam


VMware released the VCP-NSX which allows candidates to test and become certified against VMware NSX. This network virtualization platform is the first exam when it comes to the network virtualization track. This track has a VCP, VCIX, and a VCDX. Whilst I have a great design being fleshed out for VCDX the VCP and VCIX are pre-requisite exams. Being an NSBU SE at VMware I took the exam without studying. At the PearsonVUE test center I clicked begin. 120 questions in 120 minutes is what they give you. I was travelling the week of the exam and had a customer meeting move so I booked in. I had 120 questions to do in 80 minutes by the time I started as I had a customer meeting in 95 minutes time. Eep!

The Quality

This ain’t the first rodeo for myself when it comes to exam certifications. I have been exposed to VMware, Juniper and Cisco exams in the past. They have had their equal parts of good and bad when it comes to the quality. This exam is definitely in its infancy when compared to the maturity of VCP, JNCP or CCNP (equivalent level exams in my opinion). There were a few spelling mistakes, vCoud Hybid Services to highlight, which were pretty disheartening. There were also some answers that were very vague and seemed like some english tricks were playing. The graphics were also so so – Juniper hold the title for highest quality images for their exams.

The result

Overall the exam is pretty detailed and requires a solid understanding of Networking, networking in vSphere and how NSX works.

Without really studying the exam result I got was more ass than class. Nonetheless a pass is a pass. I now know my weak spots and working to ensure they are covered off correctly. I know more about the platform than ever which is great!


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