Technical blogging. For some it comes easily and others it is hard. Greg Ferro of EtherealMind and PacketPushers fame has released his book titled ” Arse First Method of Technical Blogging “. Many people may have thought to write a blog but haven’t due to various reasons – writers block, not enough content, too hard, not enough time. Time to remove the reasons that cause what Greg terms ‘Friction’.

Friction is something Greg describes as a big blocker for new writers and those existing. Sound examples are delivered in an easy to read way that identify blockers and propose solutions to get around them. Greg directly references examples he uses to aid and assist in the development of his blogs. With 5000 daily views over at Etherealmind, you would think he is doing something right!

Workflow definition is covered in this book and now more than ever it is easy to get an idea. The notion of starting backwards and working through your post.  Outlining an introduction at the end may be a shock at first. It was for me but after thinking about it and looking at the justification inside the book you can see why it works. At NFD we discussed blogging and writing and when we spoke about this in particular I have adopted and not looked back!

Tools are covered too. Greg is a known Mac user and shares his secrets in how he takes text and pushes it through the stages of creation to end up a technical blog. From raw text capture, to getting the content out and right through to markup tools, the book has insights into each step.

All in all this book is worth more than a cup of coffee. Go jump over it and learn how you can deliver effective content. You will find some of the best writing tips from the content creation machine known as EtherealMind! Greg’s book is a must buy as a blogger or anyone interested on getting started on technical blogging. There is no excuse anymore.

Disclaimer: I bought this book with my own money. I chose to review this and was not ask to. Although I do have an (unpaid) association to PacketPushers as a blogger and in turn, Greg Ferro, I wrote this piece here on my own accord.

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