The big bad wolf

In this day and age it is hard to know what is happening with your online identity. It seems that each week there is a new report of a password leak, a database being stolen with a recurring theme. Passwords were unencrypted or not salted and hashed. This exposes thousands and sometimes millions of users. Whilst this is annoying and painful the real danger lies in us. Many people seem to use one or two passwords for nearly all their services. We have over 30-50 accounts for online services on average and with a simple breach of one the domino effect begins. Facebook, twitter, iCloud, banking, blog logins, grocery sites, email. Your digital life, everything about you hinges on one password. Pretty scary.

There are many steps you can take to enforce passwords. There are many ways to ensure that you use a different password of varying complexity. This is a step forward but in the modern age where 1,000,000 plus passwords can be computed per second against a hash it becomes a time versus money equation before they get in. Let alone the fact most people forget their passwords after the first five. This defaults many back to a handful of passwords or even one.

A fresh approach

1Password is an application on Windows / Mac / iOS that allows a digital, encrypted vault to store the keys to your life. It allows the ability to create and manage all your online identities. This includes Passports, Creditcards, web logins and more. The application can also store your licences for applications that you buy too!

It avoids keyloggers if they are present due to the fact it can do a pass through of the password to a web browser with a plugin in hook. This means that if something malicious was installed it doesn’t see you type the URL and username and password therefore revealing your credentials.

Reporting and posture

It can do the additional to help secure your online security posture

  • Audit passwords for duplicates
  • Audit passwords for quality and strength
  • Highlight from an online database services that have been compromised (Whitelist)
  • Highlight passwords that should be changed or rotated

This is done in a friendly and easy way that makes security manageable and not a chose.


If you’re setting passwords with a complexity suggested by 1Password’s automated password generator there is no way you’re remembering them. Take this for example, bk>xE2Dnk(T#AjwGg9H woudl be very hard to remember and also to type into an iPhone or iPad.

With iCloud and the 1Password app it is possible to pass through your encrypted 1Password database to a mobile device. This will then allow the benefits of being able to access the password to push to the application when logging in. This allows you to use and leverage your secure passwords where ever you are!


I bought 1Password when it was on special and since then I’ve not looked back. Very easy to use, very versatile and extremely secure. The company is quick to respond to bugs and issues, they update their customers on global breaches of companies and keep their technical chops active with technical posts. If you have lots of online accounts and require many passwords this might be a great way to sort it all out!

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