It is a new year and it was about time that I changed my blog. I have gone through a major career transition from a data centre network engineer to a technical pre-sales engineer at VMware in the network security business unit. I wanted to update my readers on my messaging and my thoughts about how Network Inferno’s messaging is positioned.

The NSX compendium is where my technical focus of NSX will be. I plan this to be THE repository for NSX information on shipping releasing. How it works, why it works and how NSX can be used as an administrator. Building solutions on this platform is hard without knowing how it works. This piece is purely technical and based solely upon facts.

The main focus of my blog is still to deliver content focused on networking, industry happenings and cool technology based on my point of view. This content I hope stays relevant from the technical point of view as Anthony Burke, the individual blogger, the same person who attended NFD4/6, written content from my experiences and kept you all as readers. I do have a ranging passion for Cisco, Juniper and VMware and this has been shown in my blog previously. I hope I stay like this and do not become a shill.

I have had for a long time a steadily increasing demand on my site and I have made many improvements to maintain this. From protecting my site with Cloudflare to increasing my hosting platform to handle capacity, ciscoinferno and now network inferno, has been costing a little lately. With a platform that receives 25,000-35,000 pages views per month there is little cost associated to it. I have decided to place some banners and some column ads up for sponsor. I provide a platform that has a varying subsection of readers and thought it might be time to recoup some costs. BuySellAds is now a way to sponsor my site. Click here to find out more.

Thank you the readers of network inferno. Your continued support is great and it has been extremely rewarding to have been able to meet many of my readers across events. In fact in the last two days I’ve met a couple of long time twitter friends in person. Let alone enjoying producing technical content and what I do with my blog it is definitely awesome to know people gain benefit from it. 2014 is going to be a good year.

A shout out to Greg Ferro and Lisa Caywood! You both have been a great compass throughout the years and of more recent times.

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