I have previously written about the CCIE v5 and attempts at trying to achieve the v4. I am determined to finish and close this chapter of my certification before I move onto other things. Whilst VCDX would seem logical for many working at VMware on the NSX product I am looking to finish something I started. NFV has come and is changing the industry. It is flipping it on its head but there is one constant. IP.

Products like NSX change the architecture game but we do not re-invent the wheel. We still use firewall based on 5-tuple matching, we route with well known and defined protocols and we implement traditional hardware based services in software. Only the thinking has changed and that is covered off here. We are just changing the architecture and redefining networking but not reinventing the wheel.

So the CCIE for me is still very relevant. With that said whilst we wait for the transition to v5 the blueprint has a lot of overlap. OSPF is still OSPF. BGP-4 doesn’t differ. There are new technologies such as DMVPN and the there is the removal of FR. There are some great primers from the leading training vendors coming out covering off new topics. Whilst I sit at the car dealership waiting for my car to be serviced I am getting these videos under my belt.




One thought on “Preparations for War

  1. I agree completely! Will I be using my CCIE (once I get it) the same in 5-10 years? most likely not but I will still be deploying the same technologies, just in a different fashion. The base knowledge gained by obtaining the CCIE will do nothing but help.

    I am right there beside you as VMWare is next on my radar.

    Best of luck!

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