PowerNSX in VMware Hands on Labs

VMware Hands on Labs provide a plethora of free, online labs to validate and test features of VMware products.

  • HOL-1803-01-NET – VMware NSX – Getting Started

  • HOL-1803-02-NET – VMware NSX – Distributed Firewall and Micro-Segmentation

  • HOL-1803-03-NET – VMware NSX – Operations and Visibility

  • HOL-1821-01-CMP – vRealize Automation 7 – Getting Started

  • HOL-1825-01-NET – VMware NSX – Advanced Consumption

  • HOL-1825-02-NET – VMWare NSX and SRM – Active-Standby Solution

These labs have PowerNSX installed and ready for use.

These labs do not have content or a lab guide related to PowerNSX but provide the users the ability to use PowerNSX in an environment configured with NSX.

I am aiming to get a PowerNSX lab with content created for next time!


note The PowerNSX installed in these labs was currently at the time the lab was templated. Features may not be current with the PowerNSX

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