I was working on something in Vagrant and it bothered me. I am documenting it here because it wasn’t in their install documentation.

On macOS you install Vagrant and if you’re using VMware Fusion you need the vagrant-utility-client. When I did vagrant up I got the following error.


both:        1
Vagrant encountered an error while attempting to load the utility
service key file. This error can occur if the Vagrant VMware Utility
has not yet been installed, or if it was installed incorrectly. If
this error persists after running the Vagrant VMware Utility installer
again, please contact support at: [email protected]

Information about the Vagrant VMware Utility, including installation
instruction, can be found here:


  Path:  /opt/vagrant-vmware-desktop/certificates/vagrant-utility.client.crt
  Error: Permission denied @ rb_sysopen - /opt/vagrant-vmware-desktop/certificates/vagrant-utility.client.crt

Permissions. It is always permissions. That’s fine. There is a quick fix here.

sudo chmod -R 777 /opt/vagrant-vmware-desktop

Now I can run vagrant up and away I go!

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