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On the first day our second presentation was Opengear. Before starting, a parcel was placed on each of our desks. Inside the box contained an Opengear console server. The model was the ACM 5004-G.

Lights out baby!

It is a 3G cellular router that is the army knife of out of band management; endless features with a myriad of use. I will review the presentation and the device in a later post but this is more of post to the delegates.

Traditionally the application of an emergency access 3G connection is great to hit that DC in the night and regain control. Opengear showed pictures of some Salmon Boats with the device installed. With all spawned salmon being tagged it is hard to know when they come home to breed. Each fish has an RFID token. The ship had a turret created with this device pointing into the water and it allowed scanning of the fish easily due an RFID scanner on the serial port!

Another example is weather deployments and wanting to access a device that went out. The sensor can generate temperatures and be customized to respond in any way. It could be set to perform an action; this is event driven!

Anthony’s musings

I put this out to my fellow delegates. I wonder who can find/make the most interesting deployment and use for the Opengear Console server. I will post pictures and or stories here.



2 thoughts on “Opengear Challenge

  1. I opted for using these devices on a couple of remote sites, using the dial-in modem model but we ended up opting for PushkaBlue as they have power management also. Looking forward to reading your review.

    1. Thanks man. It is currently in stowed luggage while I finish up here in SJC. There is now power management features in some models; I do not believe it is this one I have. Looking forward to a basic deployment.

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