I have blogged for a long time as a way of dealing with professional isolation when at a previous employee. When I moved to VMware I enjoyed sharing my experience and what I got up to. There is also a very inclusive group of people who encourage the sharing of knowledge. It is with that I took up the offer to join Ron Fuller and Andreas la Quiante on something cool. A Live Lessons video series.


This video series introduces VMware NSX for vSphere 6.2 from concepts to the components. We get our goofy faces on camera, have fun, all while sharing some useful content. It is great for those starting out in the world of NSX and software networking.


I am the first to admit that there are many different and varied learning styles. For me, videos have never been as solid as a text book (get it!) for absorbing information. With that said after seeing the content that Pearson has created and other vendors like INE that I previously used for the CCIE I thought I would give it a go. So to all the video based learners we give you – The NSX Live Lesson series is for you. If you’re starting out on your NSX journey then be sure to add this to your learning repertoire.

This is something that cannot be done without sacrifice. This is something that cannot be done with out a bucket load of SUPPORT! Thanks to my amazing wife, Katrina, in everything she does to support me and our family! Thanks to little Felix for being a good boy while Dad was away. None of this could be done without you.

To the Pearson team – Denise, Pete, and Chris – the organisation made this experience like clockwork. It was fun, it was efficient, it was long, and tough, but you made it easy. To Pete, Grumpy’s was fantastic and I want another near coronary from that food – it was delicious.

Finally, last but not least Nikhil, Dom, our immediate managers and the entire product team who answered questions, helped with ideas, content, and feedback – thank you!

Want to check it out?  Here’s a link – http://www.pearsonitcertification.com/store/vmware-nsx-fundamentals-livelessons-9780134467214

There is also an official blog post about this on VMware.com here:


Best get back to writing that NSX book!

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