Today saw me in a spot where I had a dead Fiber SFP. You guessed it. 3750 chassis. Well I only had a few laying around and some were Linksys and one was stripped of stickers.

Needing this link back up whilst I waited for a new one I plugged in a non-Cisco SFP. Behold the error.

%PHY-4-UNSUPPORTED_TRANSCEIVER: Unsupported transceiver found in Gi1/0/1
%GBIC_SECURITY_CRYPT-4-VN_DATA_CRC_ERROR: GBIC in port 65538 has bad crc

All SFP/GBIC’s contained burnt in Hardware ID, Vendor Name, Serial and CRC. The following command which is undocumented allows to bypass this error and brings up the interface!

LAB-SW-A(config)# service unsupported-transceiver
LAB-SW-A(config)# no errdisable detect cause gbic-invalid

Voila! There you go. Quick fix. Just note that when you issue a Show Tech for TAC, it will reveal that you have suppressed this message and that you have overridden support of Cisco Only SFP/GBICs. That means no help!


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