Network Field Day 4

If you are in IT and not a 9-to-5’er you have most definitely exposed to the ever evolving nature of technology. SDN this, Virtualize that, and to the cloud with the rest. Keeping up with technology that vendors develop without the marketing crud can be tough. Though there is a shining beacon which aims to deliver technical information to technical people to influence decision making. The best part? Nerdy, delicious, honest to goodness geekfest.

Gestalt IT’s Network Field Day

Stephen Foskett and his rat pack of suave characters put together direct communication with vendors. Technical people talking to technical people. These intense and focused sessions allow us to see first hand what happens behind closed doors and get up close and personal. The sessions are designed to open our eyes and see what is on offer and how it can help us day-to-day.

Dingo Delegation

Be afraid, be very afraid

I am very lucky to have been made a delegate of this event. I have been invited to partake in the Network Field Day 4 in San Jose, California. The excitement that I have has no bounds at the moment. For me, this is my first trip overseas. Needless to say I am very honored and humbled at the opportunity to represent my fellow Dingos. Kurt Bales, (@networkjanitor) attended as the first dingo and introduced musk sticks and more.  Well my fellow delegates, prepare for more musk sticks, fruit musk sticks, eucalyptus drops and maybe even some Kangaroo jerky. I hear that TSA declare Vegemite a Bio-hazard so I may not bring any.

Lucky Anthony

I am very lucky to be attending and look forward to representing my country and getting my nerd on. Expect some delicious blog posts and more to hit the feed. If you haven’t already, follow the other delegates and the #NFD4 hashtag on twitter. Turn those knobs to nerdy because this event is less than two weeks away!


Delegates Anthony Burke @Pandom_ Bob Plankers @Plankers Brad Casemore @BradCasemore Brent Salisbury @NetworkStatic Colin McNamara @ColinMcNamara Greg Ferro @EtherealMind Michael McNamara @mfMcNamara Paul Stewart @PacketU Tom Hollingsworth @NetworkingNerd

Event Staff Claire Chaplais Stephen Foskett @SFoskett

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