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Today is a blog of a different kind. On my last trip to America I ventured to a place called Irvine. Irvine, California in the Orange County is home to a number of cool things. For me, this was a destination on a pilgrimage that I thought would never happen. I made and complete a trek to Blizzard Entertainment.

Born in the late 80’s I grew up with video games of the 90’s such as Diablo and Warcraft. My parents, influence by my older siblings, bought me the ‘Warcraft II : Tides of Darkness’ strategy game for PC. This was one of my earliest forays into RTS gaming and the world of Warcraft. The Lore captured and nurtured my imagination, the story had me hooked and from the age of eight I latched on to the fantasy genre. From there my future was written – I was hooked on anything Blizzard.

Hours drawing pictures, reading books, filling the imagination, playing the games, beating my brother at said games (sometimes being beaten) made up a large chunk of my life for many years. Being in Australia and watching Blizzcon happen each year in the US made Australia feel so far away. Let alone the cool statues that the website showed off in their glory. Adoring the campus with epic stances. So there is definitely a soft spot for anything Blizzard.

time is tangled in a web. try not to dwell on the loose ends – Nozdormu

A good friend of mine offered a chance to hang and check out the site on my next US trip. It was surreal. A place that I knew of only through photos and I was being offered a ‘friends and family tour’. Talk about getting a Legendary experience. Upon arrival we walked around talking shop, family, friends, and what we both had been up to at work. Whilst we were doing this we went through the Blizzard museum which highlighted current and past achievements. Lots of cool art my Didier and Metzen. I even saw some originals of prints that were in the Warcraft II manual!

After lots of visits to the ‘locals’ around the campus (check photos at the bottom) and lots of chats we ventured on for the rest of our catch up!

The place is pretty cool and meant quite a bit to me. I ventured to a place where worlds, stories, imaginations, and many friendships were created! Sure, to the workers there it was just an office. An office in which people go to work and do their job and provide for their families. To me, it was a giant bucket list tick, and a glimpse inside where ‘epic’ was made!

Thanks unnamed friend for the invitation! You rock.

As I leave you with some samples of the campus,
En’taro Adun Commander

12ft Orc on Direwolf next to 6ft Human
Orc on Direwolf (12ft!)
Illidan Stormrage
Grommash Hellscream
Kerrigan – Queen of Blades
Nova – Ghost.
Jim Raynor
Frostmourne – It hungers.

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