I have not kept my VCDX ambitions in the dark. Well, come December 2nd last year I submitted my design for VCDX NV. The VCDX is VMware’s highest certification for individuals and focuses on four tracks – these currently are Data Center Virtualisation, Network Virtualisation, Desktop Management, and Cloud Management Automation.

Journey thus far

I have done a few design now for NSX for vSphere and it gave me the confidence to mould an existing design to the handbook and blueprint requirements. It is key that someone attempting VCDX-NV knows and understands the blueprint for their respective track. Understand what is expected, understand what is required, and most importantly, know your design.

I create my own template for my documents in a modular fashion which was logical to me and my reader. Given that NSX touches many components of the stack

Mock, Stock, and Two Smoking VTEPs

I submitted my design as previously mentioned and this was successful with all required documentation met and received. This was a great email to receive after submissions as I battled some work commitments, personal commitments, and a state-side trip all within 2 weeks of the submission date. It was hectic and at many times I felt that I forgot something but I did not.

Now it is time to prepare my presentation and run some mock presentations through that explain my design along with defending my decisions that I made. My defence date is mid February and it is all eyes are set to that. Between now and then I have a metric bucket-load of work which means my time on this must be focused and precise.

What stands between me and VCDX is something I do on a regular basis – make decision based upon information I have at hand, discuss it, and move on.
They have my numbers and it is time to claim them.

2 thoughts on “My VCDX NV Submission

  1. Awesome congrats! Mate you come a long way from a VMUG presentation not long ago. Great to see you made the top.

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