I don’t have a blog roll yet but there are a few people in the industry that I will read a post from no matter what or take their opinion with far more weight that others. For those new to networking or getting involved in the twitterverse these people are must-read/follow! If any of these people read this, I want you guys to know I personally thank you for helping me get to where I am today!

Defenders of packets against black hole routing!

Ivan Pepelnjak – ipSpace.net @ioshints

One word sums Ivan up. MPLS. This is the man who literally wrote the book on it. Well he wrote two. Oh and a new RFC draft on BGP Security. Ivan hosts webinars on topics such as Data Centers, Virtualization, DMVPN and many more. Frequent blogs on a myriad of topics ranging from opinion pieces right into technical reviews and thorough design analysis.

Tom Hollingsworth – networkingnerd  @networkingnerd

Commander Snark! Always informative and ever insight. Tom delivers constant reports. A Tech Field Day veteran of many campaigns it would be safe to say he knows his stuff! I believe Tom’s post are some of the best that come out of TFD regarding the products and engaging all level of readers.

The Packetpushers Podcast – Packetpushers.net @packetpushers

Greg Ferro and Ethan Banks! The podcast that you must listen to. If you are anybody in the industry you would have heard about the podcast! Weekly episodes of networking banter, commercial shows or general banter! Let alone both of these men have networking industry experience combined to almost double my age!

Kurt Bales – Network Janitor @networkjanitor

The Juniper Dingo! Kurt is a down to earth, tell it how it is guy with a strange fascination of ‘these Juniper devices’.  My mentor and good friend is extremely knowledgable on ISP, Data Center and Enterprise Routing for IOS and JUNOS. That and we both love musk sticks!

Marko Milivojevic   – http://blog.markom.info/   @icemarkom

Many people may not know this but Marko in my opinion is a genious! Building a ISP level network for Vodaphone Iceland! All kinds of epic and makes me wonder if it was purely for Eve online. Marko’s other fame comes from the CCIE Vendor, IPExpert. The master of pain and punishment, Marko delivers bootcamps and CCIE material to potential candidates and grooms some of the best people to become great CCIEs.

Jeremy Stretch – Packetlife.net  @packetlife

Stretch. I think everyone on this list owes you. Your community lab is something that everyone has heard about and probably has used. A great free community run lab for anyone to practice one is hosted over at his site. Along with cheatsheets, wiki, armory of tools and a forum, Jeremy’s blog is full of great blogs and insightful topics.

To be continued.

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