On a crazy Melbourne day the December before last I proposed to my girlfriend at the time. She said yes and fast forward just over a year and we got married. I have now entered married life as of the 20th of January this year.

We got married at a little boutique hotel called Lindenderry and celebrated with my friends and family. ( @Networkjanitor managed to make it down from that bush state up north! ) I had the best time of my life and now have the best wingman for life.

She has supported me in so many ways and is a driving factor in getting my CCIE. She believes in me. It’s great to have someone to share your dreams and aspirations with.

This is just a blog post really to show off a picture of my beautiful wife and our special day.

Mr and Mrs Burke

3 thoughts on “Married Life

  1. Congratulations mate, thats awesome. Fantastic place to get married too! just around the corner from me 😀 Good luck to the both of you in 2012

  2. I live about 15 mins from there, out at Westernport. Great blog, Ive been following it since studying for my CCNP.

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