My previous post on my blog and over at packet pushers got some traction. It was in regards to DevOps and Junipers offering. It is clearly prevalent with emerging technologies such as SDN and open-flow, that scalability can be achieved through programming and automation. What underpins that is a requirement to learn languages such as Ruby , Perl, or Python. This is where Code Academy comes in.

Code Academy is a website create to proliferate the learning of various programming languages. With offerings such as Python, JavaScript, Ruby, and HTML to name a few there is something for everyone.

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Firstly log into the site with a Facebook, Twitter, or Google to get started. Your profile is made and it is happy days. From there you can choose to select your course. With a Puppet and Chef installation on the horizon, it is time to embrace change and the future of networking so Python and Ruby are my languages I chose to begin with.

You are first greeted with interactive dialogue. Along the left column you have text outlining the activity you are doing. By introducing new elements on the left you are then set a task to demonstrate it in the code box on the right. Being an interpreted engine when you hit run your code is executed in the bottom box. All nice and neat and self-contained.

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As you work your way through each exercise and module you compound your learning by drawing upon previous tasks. This allows learning through re application and reinforces your learning. A great and subtle way. Courses also seem to follow a theme. The Python courses author has used Monty Python for example and this makes for an amusing subject matter to work with.

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A student is awarded badges and is encouraged to unlock more through challenge projects and side tasks. This is then added to your profile to show off to friends. A subtle way of encouraging to keep on with your studies. This is supplemented with daily streaks and other fun perks.


What a great concept. Interactive and fun methods you to build your programming skills. The skills in here begin at basics and work their way up to advanced stuff. Then you can go off and built and create what you desire. What I aim to get out of this is the ability to translate my learnings into my Chef and Puppet tests and become proficient in DevOps. I am sure there are more resources out there and I cannot wait to devour them!

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