You work at a small not-for profit charity. With a small budget that is stretched thin they have invested in better network infrastructure. They don’t know anything about networking. You are given this diagram.

Spanning-Tree configuration

  • Provision four VLANs across the switches – Voice, Data, Management, vMotion
  • Ensure STP 802.1w is used
  • Ensure that SW1 is root for Voice and Data, Secondary for Management and Vmotion
  • Ensure that SW2 is root for Management and vMotion and secondary for Voice and Data
  • Client Devices in the Data VLAN on SW3 need to transition to a forwarding state instantaneously (Any ports)
  • Ensure a stable and predictable topology with 802.1w root safeguards.

Bonus: What needs to be considered when procuring hardware and calculating port costs?


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