You work for an online gaming company. It has been decided that the STP topology must scale with support of thousands of VLANs. The solution is to use MST to help reduce load, CPU cycles, and management traffic.

The pilot pod above is what you will use to enable the proof of concept to work.

MST Configuration

  • Set the STP mode to MST
  • Define VLANs 2,4,6,8,10,12,14,16 across all devices
  • map VLAN 2,4,10,12 to Instance 1
  • map VLAN 6,8,14,16 to Instance 2
  • set SW2 to be the root for Instance 1
  • set SW1 to be the root for Instance 2
  • set SW3 to be root for CIST

Bonus: If high availability was configured on this network at a later date, what design considerations should you take on board in regards to MST root placements?

I will upload the results in the fullness of time.

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