You have been tasked with creating a looking-glass server for your enterprise. The NOC team have requirements that junior network engineers cannot access commands that could cause outages. To give them the tools to diagnose issues you are going to create an option based menu. The requirements are the following.

Our Enterprise route server
  • Menu needs to be named L1_NOC_ROUTE_TABLE View Menu
  • Define a username of VIEW password MENU for testing
  • Only access for account is this menu
  • Include the following commands
  1. – show ip route
  2. – show ip route eigrp
  3. – show ip interface brief
  4. – logout

This will allow the right information to be quickly gleaned and established for use by the juniors before a ticket is escalated to a Senior Engineer.

*Disclaimer:  Show ip route can cause hangs and or outages on routers with a full internet feed. Overload of control plane = bad!. Thanks to @laptop006

** Note that this can be performed on a myriad of devices. I have chosen a single router and tested it on itself.


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menu L1_NOC_ROUTE_TABLE title # L1_NOC_ROUTE_TABLE View Menu #

We enter the menu mode, name the menu and then give it a title.

menu L1_NOC_ROUTE_TABLE text 1 Show Routing Table
menu L1_NOC_ROUTE_TABLE command 1 show ip route
menu L1_NOC_ROUTE_TABLE text 2 Show EIGRP Routing Table
menu L1_NOC_ROUTE_TABLE command 2 show ip route eigrp
menu L1_NOC_ROUTE_TABLE text 3 Show IP Interface brief
menu L1_NOC_ROUTE_TABLE command 3 show ip interface brief
menu L1_NOC_ROUTE_TABLE text 4 Logout
menu L1_NOC_ROUTE_TABLE command 4 exit

The commands above set the title of the menu and map option name to show command. This is repeated for all requirements.

username cisco password cisco
enable secret cisco
username VIEW password 0 MENU
username VIEW autocommand menu L1_NOC_ROUTE_TABLE
username VIEW priv 15

The most important line here is auto command menu L1_NOC_ROUTE_TABLE. This executes the command upon login of user VIEW.

Username: VIEW
Password: MENU
1 Show Routing Table
2 Show EIGRP Routing Table
3 Show IP Interface brief
4 Logout

Now L1 tasks can be done quickly and efficiently. This will allow the right information to be generated with simple commands!


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