Now some might say this is a silly blog post, especially since I have an Opengear 5004 console server. At this stage I haven’t explored all its uses so it is not in “production” at home.

I currently SSH home to use my lab and screen a console cable into my SRX for these lab posts. By default I have a timer on SSH sessions. Unfortunately Screen doesn’t disconnect. On Linux I’d use byobu for screen emulation but I have got this installed on my OSX box.

I was getting the error that the resource was busy. Painful. I initially was rebooting because I am a bit of a noob but thought there was a better way. I found it. Check this out.

telaranrhiod:~ pandom$ 
telaranrhiod:~ pandom$ screen -ls
There is a screen on:
        322.ttys000.telaranrhiod        (Attached)
1 Socket in /var/folders/m7/m7mJ021cEgCxTMyOSAkHrk+++TQ/-Tmp-/.screen.

Here I confirm current screen sessions. Now, to kill Screen session 322.

telaranrhiod:~ pandom$ screen -X -S 1
Please specify a command.
telaranrhiod:~ pandom$ screen -X -S 1 kill
No screen session found.
telaranrhiod:~ pandom$ screen -X -S 322 kill

Now to access my device again

telaranrhiod:~ pandom$ screen /dev/tty.PL2303-0000101D

[email protected]> 

[email protected]>

There we go. Access again. Due to the fact I am playing with screens and firewall rules, having console access is good. For now, screen will do. I will deploy the Opengear device. Hopefully over the Christmas holidays.

I hope you have found this helpful and thank you for reading.

3 thoughts on “Killing Screens

  1. Screen crash-course (for my self-reference too 😉 ):

    ctrl + a c to open new window (prompt, CLI, …)
    ctrl + a n to move to next window
    ctrl + a p to move to previous window
    ctrl + a [ to enter copy mode; hit Spacebar to mark beginning of selection, move with cursor, hit Spacebar again to mark end of selection; you can access scrollback this way too
    ctrl + a ] paste what you’ve selected in previous step; works in another window too
    ctrl + a x to lock session
    ctrl + a ctrl +g toggle visual/audible bell (wuff-wuff!)
    ctrl + a ? to get help
    ctrl + a d to detach screen; re-attach with screen -r, screen -R to force-reattach
    ctrl + a k to kill a window

    If you happen to have “screen within screen” ie. you use screen and ssh to another machine where you run another screen, single ctrl + a [somekey] binds to ‘first’ screen, ctrl + a a [somekey] binds to ‘second’ screen.

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