I was lucky enough to be award Junipers Fan of the Month award. I am the inaugural winner of this spotlight. I am very honoured. They asked me some questions that I thought some readers might be interested in. Once again I send my regards to the super Juniper Social Media team. Thank you Julie and Ashton! See you guys soon.

“The results are in and we are pleased to announce our inaugural Juniper Fan-of-the-Month, Anthony Burke.  Anthony’s willingness to share his knowledge through blog posts, tweets and Facebook posts is greatly appreciated and we want to honor him for his ongoing efforts.

We asked Anthony to tell us a bit more about why he is a fan of Juniper in the following interview:

1. How long have you been using Juniper products?

I have been in networking since 2009 but I was just introduced to my Juniper product in 2012 by Juniper Ambassador Kurt Bales. Very much late to the party

2. What was the first Juniper product you worked with?

The first product of Juniper’s I worked with was the SRX110. This platform provided me with a home lab environment that was flexible, feature rich, and packed one hell of a punch!

3. What is your favorite thing about working with Juniper products?

JUNOS itself! There is something eloquent about its syntax that leaves you a little more infatuated each time.

4. What advice would you give to others considering Juniper certifications?

Don’t let leaving your comfort zone put you off! It did put me off initially but once you learn the networking technologies that lay underneath the syntax will come in time. I used the Fast track supplements and they were superb!

5. What Juniper product do you dream of working with?

The MX80! Since reading Juniper MX Series by Doug Hanks and Harry Reynolds, all I’ve wanted is that platform in my network. It is one delicious series that does not fail to get the nerd knobs excited!

Congratulations Anthony, we appreciate your efforts!”

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