The Juniper Ambassador program is an exclusive group of Juniper community members. These members uphold the values, knowledge, creativity, and passion that Juniper Networks adhere to. Juniper seek to encourage loyalty within Juniper’s online community by providing opportunity, engagement, and the distribution of the communities wealth of knowledge.

There is a strong benefit to the community through Juniper’s Ambassador program. By selecting members who posses the aforementioned traits the Ambassador’s can act as another conduit that feeds directly into Juniper. Juniper provide Ambassador’s access to product managers, developers, social team and these teams take on board the feedback with a view to incorporate this. By attempting to understand more about the customer they can deliver new products and align these products to what the market wants, needs and sometimes things they might normally miss out on.

Tapping the cream of the crop is what this program tries to do. The program seeks out those who embody the Juniper ethos and never give up in the pursuit of being the best. I am lucky enough to have been ask to join the Juniper Ambassador program. I am extremely humbled and honored by this. I look forward to reporting on new happenings, NDA permitting of course, and deliver cool new information that is worth sharing.

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