I’ve been a long fan of tmux and the capability it provides over screen. It allows me to run local sessions on my destination host independent of my SSH session. This is great for when I SSH to a box on my MacBook and then want to resume on my iPad Pro using Blink. I get the same layout and more.

So all I need to do is type tmux -CC and away I go. Note the wonderful little new icon


If I want to reattach to an existing session I just pass my tradition tmux attach command a -t 2 which will attach me to session #2.

[email protected]:~$ tmux -CC a -t 2
** tmux mode started **

Command Menu
esc    Detach cleanly.
  X    Force-quit tmux mode.
  L    Toggle logging.
  C    Run tmux command.

If I need to run a tmux command from the base session I just hit C and the window below appears.

Send to tmux

iTerm2 will also intercept cods like CMD+D and CMD+SHIFT+D which split my screen horizontal and vertically. This is opposed to Ctrl+C then " or %

iterm split

While I am sure this is not new for many iTerm2 or TMUX fans, It is to me.

You don’t know what you don’t know, hey?

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