I have been reading into learning and study techniques lately. What has become apparent to me is that people sometimes get stumped. How do I tackle the blueprint? How do I know how deep to dig? What does the exam test on? I did a post a while back on dissecting the blueprint. This post had quite a bit of traction. I have found some more invaluable links that take a view upon this hurdle from a few different angles.


How to become an Expert looks at the definition of the word Expert. It details out some sound concepts coupled with a very truthful golf analogy.

How to become a CCIE charts the importance of adaptability, consistent practice of the right techniques, and verification. The importance of paraphrasing what is required of you and ensuring you do not break requirements is emphasised.

Do learning styles matter presents a comparison between visual and audio based learners. It discusses how products should adapt based on needs but not focus on a single learning method.

These three articles are written by David Mallory over at CLN .

Over the road we have other fantastic links about breaking down the blueprint. Offered by INE and IPX these posts I have referenced time and time again.

So Much Information P1 IPexpert

So Much Information P2 IPexpert

Practical Guide to Blueprint IPexpert


Petr Lapukov’s Blog Catalogue – Thank you liquid6!

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  1. Nice post, especially the link to the article by Petr from INE!  I’ve been after that type of summarized playbook for a few weeks now.



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