The practice of enterprise architecture is the translation of business vision and strategy into effective enterprise change. This is defining elements that contribute to the make up of the business and inter-link each business unit. The main pillars of this role is underscored by Effectiveness, Efficiency, Agility, and Durability.

Sound cool? I thought so. So I applied for the Enterprise Architect – Infrastructure and Networks at my current work place. Much to my surprise, I went rather well in the interview and the position was offered to me. This was definitely a big step up from my previous role as the humble Network Engineer.

In my new role I am taking the 2, 5, and 10 year strategy delivered by the business and the board and posturing our technology stance to meet and achieve this vision. The framework we outline will help all facets reach a common goal. What seems to be a check box for many parts of our business actually looks to be a hybrid cloud platform. At either rate it is extremely exciting.

Now that I am getting away from the CLI a little bit that doesn’t mean it is bad juju and I am throwing the towel in. I am still adamant on getting my CCIE and am marching towards the written. This blog will still be nerdy. My goals haven’t changed (although I am being sent to do a Diploma of Management ). After all, how can you deliver solutions and evangelise something when you don’t know how it works?

So as I explore my new role and grow into it, join me as my learnings take a new direction. Stay for the networking, stay for the fun, and you might just get some soapbox posts from an architectural perspective.

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