Building on a couple of recent blog posts I have made some PowerShell functions that wrap elements of the Log Insight JSON REST API. Using a mixture of PowerCLI, PowerNSX, and Power LogInsight commands it is possible to deploy Log Insight end to end.

Power Log Insight can do the following in this release:

  • Create a default user
  • Create a new connection to Log Insight
  • Validate Version
  • Retrieve a licence
  • Configure a licence


This allows it to be used in future scripts. Scripts that can be used in conjunction with PowerCLI and PowerNSX functions.  I have created a script that uses the three modules together. The script will do the following:

  • Deploy a Log Insight
  • Configure Log Insight
    • Wait for API service
    • Configure Default User
    • Connect to Log Insight server
    • Add defined License to server
  • Gets all hosts in all clusters and points syslog to Log Insight on 514
  • Segment Log Insight with NSX DFW

The screen looks like this below after deployment

Screenshot 2016-05-20 21.22.59

Variables can be modified for any environment. They are in the first parameter block. You must append a valid Log Insight license as all servers do count as an OSI.

Download the script here

Please note that this is should be tested and validated first. This is used internally to help validate and test different types of deployments.

Download Power LogInsight here

I plan to add clustering, node configuration, content pack installation, and vCenter integration at a later time. These have been working but not tested and in this release.

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