I was chatting to a colleague recently and they were talking about using NSX Edge Gateway for load balancing a distributed install of vRA7. Amongst other things they mentioned that it would be good to consistently deploy a new load balancer for each lab vRA was deployed in. Whilst simple enough to configure via the UI it is easy to automate it. Challenge accepted.

After looking at the contents of the vRA7 Load Balancing guide it became quite clear that this was something that used a number of load balancer features and could be quite time-consuming doing manually.

This PowerNSX script will deploy the edge quickly and efficiently. Located here the script will deploy an NSX edge and configure the following specific for vRA7:

  • Pools with defined members
  • Service Monitors with specific probes and checks
  • Multiple VIPs for IaaS, Appliance, and Manager
  • Application Profiles to listen for traffic
  • Deploy the Edge with aforementioned configuration

You can find it here

It current does not have any networks connected on the south side of the edge. This allows the user to add their own manually after the fact or further add with examples such as the 3 Tier App having a DLR and Logical Switches southbound.

If anything needs to be changed for your environment modify the variables in the parameter block or append the changes when running the script with ./vRA_Load_Balancer.ps1 -VraEdgeName vRA-Edge-001

Reference for settings can be found in this guide

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