As has been purported many times it is possible to create objects via a RESTful API. Lets first look at the logical network segments in my environment. Whilst I show the GUI creation here this post highlights the the GUI method.

Screenshot 2014-06-03 08.48.13

There are none. This is a fresh instance. Now I am going to open up my web browser, in this case it is Mozilla, and click on my RESTClient plugin.

The REST client requires some details first. Authentication so it can communicate against the NSX manager and the Content-Type. It needs to know that it is posting XML data.

Screenshot 2014-06-03 09.05.25
Screenshot 2014-06-03 08.51.04
Okay so now I want to use the API to POST the attached XML snipper to create a virtual wire. The URL to access the virtual wire is https:///api/2.0/vdn/scopes//virtualwires.

This requires me to put in based on my environment POST:https://nsxmgr-l-01a.corp.local/api/2.0/vdn/scopes/vdnscopes-1/virtualwires

Screenshot 2014-06-03 08.54.34

The XML required for the creation of my switch is as follows:

Web Tier LS
Pandom Systems   

Click submit!

We can see confirmation of the creation of our logical switch with the following output.

 Status Code: 201 Created
    Cache-Control: no-cache
    Content-Length: 13
    Content-Type: text/html
    Date: Mon, 02 Jun 2014 23:07:25 GMT
    Location: /api/2.0/vdn/virtualwires/virtualwire-1
    Server: vShield Manager

Time to confirm this against the webGUI.

Screenshot 2014-06-03 09.08.33

There we are. It is simple to use POST or GET to retrieve and deploy environments. It is possible, depending on your ability to use an API at scale to manager and run your environment based on the API! Pretty cool stuff.

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