Recently, PowerNSX was released to work with PowerShell Core. This was a substantial undertaking from Nick Bradford to submit some pull requests to PowerShell Core, create a new method of handling web requests, and then wholesale adjusting PowerNSX to work.

Now that this groundwork has been done PowerNSX can be added into the VMware docker image that contains PowerCLI core. William Lam detailed the container release here

docker run --rm -it --entrypoint='/usr/bin/powershell' vmware/powerclicore

This will allow docker to run the image vmware/powerclicore and drop the current shell into the directory /usr/bin/powershell.

To import PowerNSX run the command import-module PowerNSX and you’re cooking with gas. Time to connect to my NSX Manager.

PS /powershell> Connect-NsxServer -Username admin -Password default -DisableVIAutoConnect

Version : 6.3.0
BuildNumber : 4637061
Credential : System.Management.Automation.PSCredential
Server :
Port : 443
Protocol : https
ValidateCertificate : False
VIConnection :
DebugLogging : False
DebugLogFile : \[email protected]_01_04_02_16_00.log

And a quick command to verify everything is working as expected.

PS /powershell> Get-NsxSecurityTag | select name


Now you can have PowerCLI and PowerNSX on any device any where. Happy days!

One thought on “Contain yourself PowerNSX, please!

  1. A minor issue in the powerclicore docker image causes occasional connection failures. The PowerCLi team have temporarily released an Ubuntu based image that works well with PowerCLI and PowerNSX. docker run –rm -it vmware/powerclicore:ubuntu14.04 for the goodness…

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