An interesting thing came out of the combobulator that is Twitter. It was about information security and more particularly – passwords. The length of password is far more important than

Lets take an example password:


There are 7 positions or characters that make this password up. There are 70 possibilities given a standard keyboard. That means the results are 70 to the power of 7.

70 * 70 * 70 * 70 * 70 * 70 * 70 which equals this amazing number:

8,235,430,000,000. 8.2 Trillion combinations. That’s pretty awesome. It is pretty awesome until you realise that it is possible to attempt to crack passwords at a rate of 2,000,000,000 combinations per second.

This results in 4118 seconds from go until “Oh No”.

Sure there are methods to stop brute force, re-attempts, and captchas but with the number of databases being leaked in recent years – once it’s popped it is only a matter of time and CPU cycles before they’re reverted. If it only takes 4118 seconds to pop the password for 7 characters image what a longer password could do for you. It takes a lot longer to crack. Your password is not the low hanging fruit. There would be a substantial amount of passwords broken well before yours was.

Diminishing returns is your ally.

This is why I use apps like 1Password to both generate and store silly long passwords. I know my Gmail password is far too long to memorize. I know my Facebook password is stupid too. I generate different passwords for different accounts (and use 2FA!) and I don’t need to remember them or rely on a key phrase. I don’t need to use Safari or Chrome assistance to remember my password!

Whilst we can speak for hours at length about the weakness of passwords as a whole if you’re not using very long passwords and something like a password manager then know this – it’s not a matter of if but simply a matter of when.

NOTE: This is not a paid review or spruik for 1Password. I love the app but more importantly simple things like this go a long way to securing your friends and family!

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