Last Tuesday was the day 10 months of on and off study culminated into something. A pass or a non-pass. There have been a few times where I doubted myself, others have negatively commented on my ability or deemed it was not worth the time.

My day started like any other. 5:30am wake up. Relaxed and refreshed. I ran through the Cisco Learning Network practice questions for ROUTE the night before and was sitting around 95 percent. Good tidings thus far. In my revision in the days leading up to exam day I was actually surprised with what my brain actually had come to remember and what I didn’t know. The latter was a lot lesser in regards to the curriculum. I started to the first time in months to feel good.

A kiss from my fiancee and I was in the car and off. The wheels of change had begun to roll. Box Hill TAFE is a 50 minute drive for me. I live on the Mornington Peninsula about an hour south of Melbourne and Box Hill is East of Melbourne. The drive consisted of some local radio music to relax myself and clear my head. I arrived to Box Hill having never been to the area and the campus was massive.

I walk down and enjoy a glass of water in the foyer. The brunette lady shuffles to the window looking to be suffering the doldrums of daily life. “Name, Sign this and wait here” was the curt words from her.

Sitting down to wait and composing my thoughts I had a man sit next to me. I felt he had committed a horrendous crime the way he was shaking. To ease his pain I joked about a Vietnamese Firing Squad wouldn’t be waiting inside. He said it was worse. He was attempting his third ARCH attempt.

I was lead into a little room with four little testing stations. A little asian man sat there sweating profusely. Four Cameras adorned the walls, their lenses still. Always watching their assigned viewpoint and poised ready to catch cheaters. I sat down. The old office chair hugs my frame and cuddles my kidneys. I deep breath and a silent thought of my fiancee’s pep talk.

I take a hard look at the picture on the screen. I see myself. Not looking at the camera. My best photo yet.

The exam progressed and I was able to answer the questions. Quick and prompt responses. BGP TCP 179, This ACL, This ROUTE-MAP, configure PBR and HTTP. I was able to do it. Redistribution got hairy but I continued onwards. The final question came about and my internal feeling was alright but some questions I was unsure of.

I clicked grade. As the engine calculated my results I covered my face. My heart pounded and I it seem timed slowed. The 10 seconds seemed like eternity.

Congratulations. You have scored 860. The required passmark was xxx.

I was so excited. I still am. SWITCH is to come but I am not fussed with it as I work in a heavily switched environment. I am aiming to sit this exam mid November. TSHOOT before Christmas.

Thanks for all the help.


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