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CBT Nuggets had provided a wealth of informational training videos that lead users on a journey to their certification goals. Their trainers are some of the best and all of them make it feel like this is a one on one training session.

Series overview

The goal of this series is to provide the student with a different perspective on the blueprint. The CBT Nuggets is a videos are a fresh off the press and chock full of real world examples. The early videos start with a network topology and as each nugget progresses you find that you are slowly building your “Fortress of Security”. The experience gained aligns to the 640-554 blueprint and the demonstrations of real world scenarios really drive home how technologies can be deployed.

Thoughts about trainer

Keith Barker has a great grasp on the content. He draws upon his wealth of knowledge and dual CCIE’s to deliver the right level of technology and theory and merges it all into his labs. I loved his friendliness in which he displayed in his videos. His accent is great to listen to and doesn’t have a dry tone or mono syllabic pitch like some do.


I thoroughly enjoyed the journey that Keith Barker lead me on. His informative and fun styled videos allowed for a knowledge absorption that you don’t realize is occurring  The well thought out and logical analogies coupled with smart use of tablet/paint overlays delivered the blueprint topics in the best possible fashion.

The money is a good investment if you are a visual learner. It really does feel like a one to one tutor and Keith is sitting there next to you. The real world experience comes through and helps take you beyond the class room.

Couple with a well written Cisco Press 640-554 Certification guide and you will be able to hit the CCNA security exam with full confidence of understanding the topics presented to you.

My rating is 8/10.

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