Book Release: Automating NSX for vSphere with PowerNSX

When I was first shown PowerNSX a few years ago, I immediatly was hooked. I wanted to contribute on all fronts. This was code, documentation, web tasks, training materials, VMworld sessions, Tech Summit sessions, and more.


The demand for PowerNSX has been nothing short of overwhelming. We see it appearing at customers, being referenced in support cases by customers, engineering using it to automate tests, and more. This uptake caused us to start referring it to as “The ‘unofficial official’ automation tool for NSX.”

When I started to write the book I thought it would be a good resource to compliment what was already out there. The books goal is to provide insight into the most common operations and features of PowerNSX. It also highlights how PowerNSX can be used to create tools for your infrastructure. Peppered throughout the book is general advice and tips using PowerShell and PowerNSX as an administrator. It as released in digital and physical formats at VMworld 2017. 

Whilst I was not there due to paternity leave, my trusty colleagues and book contributors, Nick Bradford and Dale Coghlan were there to help represent. They were signing copies of the physical book and chatting to people about PowerNSX. They too were surprised at the support shown by people for the book and PowerNSX. So, with that, thank you! Thank you to all of the users and those interested in PowerNSX!

If you see me in person at an event in the future I may just have some hard copies to give out!

Get your free copy

The book is 100% free. Get your digital copy here and get started with PowerNSX today!

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