I have previously written about my journey through various tools that did and didn’t meet my workflow and requirements. Well – key to my current writing style and environment is VScode. Whilst writing in Markdown is quick, efficient, and fast – what has been a pain has been images and Git. If I needed a screenshot (because sometimes they work better) I wanted I would need to take an image, place it into the folder, then link it. That’s slow and inefficient.

There is a plugin in particular that remedies this and that plugin is called Paste Image. What PasteImage does it allows me to used the beloved system screen editor on macOS (Ctl+Cmd+Shift+4) and paste a copy of the image into my Markdown. This does the following:

  • Takes pasted content
  • Option+Cmd+V to paste with PasteImage
  • Places a copy of the image into a designated Images folder in your git repo
  • Does the markdown for said image inline.

What does this look like?


This both the image from the clipboard AND the markdown code linking to it. This is SUPER quick and easy to take advantage of.

There are also some additional features which are worth tinkering for further flexibility. You can have the following:
* Images prefixed of suffixed with values
* Images stored at root of repository in an Images folder or in an Images folder in active folder
* Image name change

This was what tipped me to using Git/Markdown/VSCode full time. It is what Quiver, Bear, and other note apps were doing that I loved but missed when I didn’t use them. PasteImage solves that for me.

As such I have written so much more content with this method in the last few weeks than I have for a long time.

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